Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Book Review!

Well, school is clippin' right along and I'm back to procrastinating like a pro again :)

So this week instead of studying hard, I've been fretting over not getting a call to sub yet and reading a book instead.

Today I finished, Sophie Kinsella's "Undomestic Goddess" and it was dry and boring for the first 170pages... then it got good.... so good that I took 2 hours this afternoon and read the rest of it!

It's a book where you don't know if you want to continue for the first 1/3 then the last 2/3 are so great. The ending was the best... it left a lot of unanswered questions and I have to say I'm holding out on the "Domesticated Goddess". Although, I suspect that Sophie Kinsella won't take titling suggestions from me lol.

So, if you're looking for another great "chick-lit" book, I recommend this one. I've kinda gotten into a chick-lit splurge lately... I've read 7/8 Sophie Kinsella's books and I have 2 ordered that she wrote under her real name (that's right Sophie Kinsella is a pseudonym). But more on those later.

I think I'll read "Can you keep a secret next" to finish off my Kinsella spree. Then who know's what I'll pick!

I think I've gotten into the chick-lit because it's mindless fun. Entertaining and yet it has a plot and characters that are fun. I give this book a 4/5. It's not my fav read but nonetheless I greatly enjoyed it.

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