Friday, May 1, 2009

One for My Baby

This was a pretty good book actually. In the end I just decided to take a few days off... from everything including reading. That's why I wasn't blogging and why I never posted in a while... although as you can tell I had stuff to post :)

This book was pretty good It's not one of my favs or even my fav by Tony Parson's. I really prefer his Man and Boy book (also the sequel Man and Wife). I would recommend this book to people who like a book that challenges the social norms and likes to read about things that could have actually happened. I like Tony's style because he writes from a male perspective and he writes in a way that you're sympathetic to the characters he takes on.

This book deals with many family issues including; the death of a spouse, divorce, single motherhood, pregancy and abortion, nuclear closeness, and death of the elderly.

I think this is a good fall read... when you have that cup of tea and want something meaty to think about.

I couldn't find a reliable link to buy this book new... so check out used copies or your local lib!

This time of year I want a feel good book... so my next stop is Multiple Bles8ings by Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson. It's a different type of book for me... it's a biography of sorts... or a documentary lol. But, I love the show and can't wait to start this book.

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