Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dear John...

Dear John was a delightful book!

Nicholas Sparks is famous for writing those sappy sad romantic love stories. I have to say I only think his work is ok most of the time.

But this book, I can't say that I could relate to the story but it was a really great read. Maybe I was in that kind of mood when I was reading it.

The main character is in the Army and stationed in Germany, while home on leave he falls in love. The story is about their love and it's growth. Of course you can probably tell something happens so that it changes and becomes sad but it's not that he dies in the war!!! This is actually a great read. I would really like to see a sequal for it. I would like to see this one on film! This book is everything that Nights in Rodenthe wasn't for me... and that makes it a great book in my honest opinion. So check it out from your local library today... or if you're a book snob like me, just go buy it! You could spend $10 on a lot worse entertainment!

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