Sunday, February 7, 2010

First finish for 2010!

Finally, I've finished "Uphill all the Way" by Sue Moorcroft. I loved this book. Although it's dry in parts the story reads really well. There were a few places that were short and choppy and I actually wondered if the story was missing a line in print but I think that may have something to do with my reading late at night :) It feels really good to finish this one as I started it in November! I can't remember the last time it too me so long to read a book!

I give this book a 4/5 and would definately read it again. I bought it at a secondhand store and it really was a good buy. I've looked on and found this picutre for you so you know what the cover is like.

This book is about a middle aged woman who is divorced, moves to Malta to work with her uncle and family. Falls in love with a local man (in a place where there is no divorce even if you're separated!)... he has a tragic accident and loses his memory. His family freaks out, blames her for the accident and she goes back home. There she discovers her ex is still an arse-hole, and her step-son (who's mother is dead and knows only her as Mum) has a teenaged girl "preggers". This is a story about preservation and will. It has many many downs and even a few ups....

I'd read it again, so check your local library for a copy... I think it'll be hard to find a copy to buy!

I've done something now that I didn't think I'd do... I've started reading Twilight... we'll see how that goes! Hopefully a little faster than the last one... although it's nearly 500pages long... usually the books I read are 300-400... it's quite a bit more :)

Happy Reading!

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