Friday, May 20, 2011

Reading Hiatus --> OVER :)

It seems it has been months since I've posted.

It's been months since I read for pleasure. Well a novel anyway. I've read probably 30 quilting books and at least 10 recipe books but I don't review those. Maybe I should... at least I'd have something noteworthy on this blog.

I haven't been living on my own since September and I've been finding it difficult to find quality alone and quiet reading time. It took me a while to realize that's why I haven't been reading. I use to typically read after supper (usually before and after the dishes) sometimes before bed and always as a study break. A chapter in a book is a great break from studying.

I'm not a student anymore... no more study breaks. I don't own my own place anymore (SO and I are staying with family while we're establishing ourselves in a new community, away from University) and there's a toddler in our home. She requires lots of attention from everyone in our home!

But, I'm happy to report I'll be back soon with a reading update! I've finished my first book for 2011 and I actually think it's my favourite book of all time. Truly an awesome read... it married my two favourite genres... non-fiction and chick-lit. I'll tell ya'll about it soon :)

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