Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Makedown

This was a great book... I loved 9/10 of it! the 1/10 I didn't like was the ending... I required a little more... and I felt it was abrupt... maybe it's me liking things all drawn out and sappish...

The story was fantastic... secretly I wish the evolution of the main character could somewhat be my life too, but sadly, I still have acne, and I'm far more than 59lbs over my ideal weight. I fear my legs will always touch while walking. I don't get a sweat stash like she did, however... I get lovely boobsweat... pretty and sexy I know.

I however have a beautiful male specimen for a bf and he doesn't need a Makedown... I love him and trust him as is :)

I think this is a wonderful book. I'm so happy that I entered Tee's contest and won it! It is defiantly a book that I'll be keeping. I thought about passing it on but... I just couldn't do it!

My next book is Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin... I'm 20+ pages in and so far... excellante!

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