Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am...

So SIIIIIIIICK! I want my Mommy!

I am barely draggy my butt to the places it needs to go. I have a sinus cold and the pressure is unbearable. I hate this crap. My eyes are runny, I'm sneezing, I'm stuffy, I'M MISERABLE!

So please... forgive me for my lack of posting... I'm in bed... and in the process of writing a paper for school... the last one until September!

I'm also reading something borrowed. I have to say I've read some chick lit before but this is Woman's Literature... it's classy, elegant, and phenomenally written. Sophie Kinesella may be funny and whitty but Emily Giffin is just outstanding. Some of the best literature I've ever read... the story makes sense, is plausable (thus far), and the characters are realistic. This could be happening to the girl next door for all I know. Thus far, this is one of my favourite books ever... not just this year!

I'm off to drain the NyQuil bottle... and read my book...

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  1. Feel better soon! I know how those sinus colds go.

    Also, thanks for all the book recommendations lately. I've been checking out all of your recent reads. I liked cocktails for 3, but thought the gatecrasher was a bit dry.And i read all of the sophie kinsella books you've suggested recently (except for the shopaholic series b/c I read that years ago when it first came out).

    Take care! :)


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