Monday, May 25, 2009

Nicholas Sparks

I've always heard the Nicholas Sparks was a fantastic author. So I picked up 2 of his books recently. I started with the most recent one that was made into a motion picture. (I haven't seen either of the movies yet!).

Nights in Rodanthe. It was a good read... not a lot of detail... minimal sappiness. Overall it left me asking questions of why people love this guy so much... the book was only ok. I'm not sure I'd read it again but it wasn't terrible. Just OK. I actually think the movie will be (is) better than the book in this case. I think the actors can fill in the blanks on the missing emotions and expressions that weren't penned.

That being said... I decided to see if all of his work was that "ok" so I read the Notebook. I have to say I LOVED IT! It was short and sweet, sad and funny, just a beautiful love story. Not over the top, very tasteful, just beautiful! This is why Nicholas Sparks is loved by the world. I would tell you to pick this one up and have a little read. It's only 200+ pages so it's quick and fufilling. If you don't like this book... I'm convinced you have no heart... like nothing... grinch style... seriously... I'm not kidding!

I don't know which one I'll read next. I have a stack of about 20-25 to read lol! I need to stop buying them so I can enjoy them!!! Anywho... here's the links to the books so you can check them out yourself!

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