Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I guess most of you know that I worked as an ABA for a child with Autism. We'll when I seen this book at Coles and was only $5.99 I figured I've wasted money on worse than that before...

I had never heard of the author Marti Leimbach and certainly never heard of her other books... although one of her books, Dying Young, was made into a movie with Julia Roberts.

I didn't expect this book to be a love story but that is what it is. It's the story of a mother and her love for her son who is Autistic. They have a journey through diagnosis, ABA therapy, Play therapy, and life.

She struggles in her marriage and in the end I believe she found love. It was really well written and I enjoyed every page... I have to say I could put it down and leave it for a while as it wasn't a tear jurker or thriller. It's like a look into somebody's life. It's not my favourite book of all time but it is a great read. If you or somebody you know has a child with Autism, this may be a book of interest. But I think everyone will enjoy this book.

This book was written as a kind of Autobiography for her... on the Autism Speaks website she wrote "The novel Daniel Isn't Talking reflects the situation for my family between the years of 1999 and 2001, what I've come to know as the “autism years.” Of course, the autism years have carried on. It's just that I have grown so accustomed to them that they have ceased to require the appellation autism years and have just become the years, like any years "

You can purchase the book from your local bookstore or try...

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