Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

All I can say about this entire series is that I'm glad I waited to read them until after they were all published because I would have died waiting for the next books to come out.

I have to say that these books were so good that I read them too quickly. I have a need/desire that I can't explain to re-read the entire series.

I'm so in love with the characters, the ultimate good, the love story that isn't mooshy, just everything about this series radiates great wholesome literature. It's thoughtful storyline is just unbelievable. I'm not a person who enjoyes werewolves and vampires but these books are just simply captivating.

I do have to caution that the first 3 books (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse) are pretty much pg... but Breaking Dawn is definitely PG 13. There is sex mentioned but no explicit scenes, it's romantic and tasteful but I'm not sure I'd want my 11-yr-old reading it... 12, 13 yeah probably no problem just be aware!

Stephenie Meyer said that she wrote these books for people like herself. She was in her late 20's when she wrote Twilight... it's funny how they are YA Lit but I think it's because they're not graphic and there's no swearing or heavy sexual content at all. They really relate well to a younger audience but I think there's something in here for everyone.

I was going to include the link for the books separate but in my honest opinion, if you're going to buy one book it's just as well to buy the set all at once and enjoy the ride. I really look forward to seeing the movies.

A note of caution, leave your self endless hours to read these books. I read them all in 2 days a piece... that's 8 days for almost 2500 pages! It's a lot of reading... more like reading 7-9 novels rather than 4! I devoured every last morsel of information in them. I have no idea how I'm going to read something different now. But I do have a plan for the rest of this year. I'm going to read a new book and then re-read Twilight... watch the movie and then read a new book. Then I'm going to re-read New Moon and watch the movie and read a new book. Hopefully by that time It'll be June and Eclipse will be in the theatre (Weird Canadian spelling alert lol!). I don't know what I'll do until they make the other movies! Take Care people

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  1. Honestly I love to hate on these books from a "quality of writing" standpoint, but I read some of the first one and I have to admit that Stephanie Meyer knows how to hook a reader into her cheesy plot. LOL. If I were a teenage girl I'd probably be obsessed with these books. That being said, if I had a teenage daughter, she would not be allowed to read them. I think the Edward-Bella relationship is a really unhealthy role model and I wouldn't want my daughter trying to emulate it.

    (Not the vampire stuff, but the way he is overly protective/stalker-ish, yet emotionally distances himself. It seems abusive when translated to "real world". Yes, yes, it's only fiction, but teenage girls full of hormones aren't always real capable of separating an entertaining story from reality.)

    Anyhow, enjoy the series. It's nice to get lost in a different world once in awhile. A book series allows you to stay there even longer.

    If you finish these books though and you're looking for something equally gripping, (but much more awesome, IMO), Check out the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Book #3 is out in August and I can't wait. They are, dare I say it, as fantastic as Harry Potter! (Though completely different subject matter. Look them up. I think you'll find the plot intriguing and very unique.)


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