Sunday, May 23, 2010

Twenties Girl

I just finished another book... Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. It's written with her typical whit and humor. I very much enjoyed the light funniness of it. It wasn't my favourite book by her but I have to admit the thought of having a guardian angel haunt you as a ghost is very funny.

The ending left me wanting more. I can see where she ended it in a way that if she wants to, she can continue on with the story. I would love to hear what happened next. I think it could be a funny 2-3 book series.

I'm now left waiting for her next book to be released. I'm excited about that because it's a new Shopaholic book! I can't wait... I thought the series was done!

I'm also waiting for a couple of Stephenie Meyer books to come to my home... the Host is already released but I pre-ordered it with free shipping so I have to wait for the Bree Tanner book to be released and apparently they'll ship them together.

So if you have a moment, I'd recommend Twenties Girl for a nice laugh this summer!

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